wtfCTF 2022— web challenge [1–4] WalkThrough


In this I am going to share my writeup of wtfCTF first four web challenges .

Web challenge -1 | Disallowed

First page of website look quite odd . So I checked the source code.

007.html webpage is disallowed in ‘robots.txt’ .

After viewing the source code we can see our first flag in clear text.

challenge-2 | notebook

It is really easy challenge . Just view source of the website find ‘wtfCTF’ and you will get the flag.

challenge -3 | Investigating the client

After viewing source of this website you can find some kind of hint in JavaScript .

Sort the code out we can easily identify the pattern . 0–4 ,4–8 ,8–12, …

now use GREP and CUT magic to cut code out and save it.

It is a base64 encoding ,after decode it we can see the flag in clear text.

challenge-4 | 2 many Quotes

This challenge will take us to a website . Since it a github website we can easily see the source code. In 2.1.html it is hinted the flag is related to ‘Humility’ and in 2.2.html under Humility the answer is written. Cover your answer in wtfCTF{} and submit your flag.

Thank you hope you like my writeup .




eJPT | eCPPT | DarkArmy CTF Player

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eJPT | eCPPT | DarkArmy CTF Player

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